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>> the san mateo bridge things are clear here as you move from industrial beyond the toll plaza to the flat section, no brake lights and remark is moving nicely to foster city and a nice commute at 15 minute drive. c.h.p. updating the location of this accident westbound 580 before north flynn and car blew a tire and hit the embankment and hit the shoulder. we have a muni delay with the powell/mason shuttle now a bus. >> drivers, you need to know your options as the clock counts down to total elimination of the toll takers on the golden gate bridge with a news conference to send out a big warning. cornell bernard is live at the bridge. cornell? >> imagine the golden gate bridge without any toll takers. in a month they will be gone,
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all electronic tolling is here. starting this morning the bridge district will kickoff a series of public awareness campaigns aimed at the 30 percent of drivers who still pay with cash. there will be hand outs, signs, and information onlynn -- online. you can sign unfor fast cash or register the license plate with a credit card and pay as you go or pay one time online. cash payments are set up as gas stations if tourists and if that does not work you can do nothing, go through the toll plaza, and get an invoice in the mail. you have a month to pay that. >> thank you, at 5:03. it is now up to a south africa judge to decide whether oscar
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pistorius will be released on bail in the shooting death of his girlfriend. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, is live with more. katie, when will we know? >> it could be tomorrow. in the last 15 minutes oscar pistorius' bail application was postponed until tomorrow. there will be more arguments and, possibly, a decision. it appears he will spend the night at the police station. south africa police have testified oscar pistorius they believe is a flight risk and should not be granted bail. the defense maintains the shooting was an accident and oscar pistorius thought his girlfriend was an intruder. he was outside on the balcony when he her noise in the bathroom and he went inside and saw an open window and assumed there was a burglar and opened fire. the press says oscar pistorius shot and killed reeva steenkamp from inside the bathroom and police say witnesses heard talking and nonstop fighting between 2:00 and 3:00 am that morning. our legal analysts explains why
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the devil is in the details here. >> admitting he shot an innocent person puts you in a tough spot legally. so i have to believe the best hope is for a lesser charge rather than all out not guilty verdict. >> some have questions if oscar pistorius could have been suffering from steroid rage. police found two boxes of testosterone and needles in the bedroom but the defense lawyers say it was an herbal remedy and not a banned substance. a committee spokesman said oscar pistorius was drug tested in august and september of last year and the results of the tests were negative. police testified they found an unlicensed .38 caliber weapon in the house and say they will add charges that he illegally possessed ammunition for the gun. the defense is saying the ammunition belongs to oscar pistorius' father. >> in antioch the family of an 8-year-old boy filed a claim
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accusing the third grade teacher of duct taping his mouth shut and another teacher of placing a chair over him and sitting on it. the boy who has learning disabilities attends a charter academy. another student also had his hands ducts tape and they seem $10,000 in damages and claim four school employees witnessed the incident last november and failed to notify authorities as required. the principal conducted an internal investigation and found no wrongdoing but the principal is the mother of one of the teachers named in the suit. the richmond city council is considering a plan to require owners of vacant properties to register with the city to try to reduce plight. our media partner, "contra costa times" reports they pass add first reading of the ordinance that requires owners to submit a written statement on how they will maintain the empty property. a problem with people dumping garbage and waste in the yards
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of the vacant homes. >> this morning, businesses and homeowners are cleaning up the damage left behind by a tornado two hours north of sacramento. people spotted the funnel yesterday and it touched down in a few spots. our meteorologist say it was relatively light as tornadoes go with winds up to 70 miles per hour, with a few reports of damage but no reports of injury. >> relatively light? >> as tornadoes go. that is like relatively dangerous as missiles go. >> relatively calm this morning is a fair assessment. >> as cold oranges -- mornings go. >> it is a dry wednesday. visibility is unlimited but half moon bay where there is a little bit of haze hanging in the air. we are starting off cold with temperatures running in the low-to-mid 40's inland through 7:00. mid-30's to low 40's around the
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bay. low-to-mid 40's at the coast. we will have dry temperatures for the lunch so if you could not go to your favorite place yesterday today you can walk about and not worry, you will want to grab sunglasses and toward 4:00 we will have a few clouds and low 50's at the coast and mid-to-upper 50's in the bay and inland and at 7:00, it will be clear with a heavy coat in the upper 40's to low 50's. in the next three days it will be mostly sunny-to-partly cloudy and a few degrees warmer, and a few more clouds and temperatures slightly cooler but mostly, saturday will be dry. sue? >> south of gilroy, now, we have an injury accident, northbound, 101, both lanes of the freeway are blocked and we have tow truck trying to clear that but if you are coming up from the south toward gilroy you will find delays while they get that accident out of there. westbound 580 before north flynn an accident in the median and a
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blown tire now on the right shoulder with in delays there. eastbound dumbarton, work still in the lanes until 6:00. >> a struggle with a rare blood disease captured the attention of the nation but this morning it is time to celebrate with the run of robin roberts. >> a key nation, new secretary of state, john kerry, will of state, john kerry, will bypass on the first offici [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:11, the story we have all been waiting for and everyone is talking about from the white house to your house, robin roberts returns to the "good morning america" anchor desk today, the come back, five months in the making, after shends want a bone marrow transplant. and we are in times square with the latest. it must be some event. >> it is. the celebration has already started here in times square and the crowds are out and we will give you a look at all the fund going on inside. >> it is robin i have been waiting 174 days to say this "good morning america."
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>> faith, family and friends have brought me do this moment. >> long awaited moment since the "good morning america" anchor shared her diagnosis on air in june. >> it is something that is called mds and if you are wondering what that it, it is a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow. >> she stepped away from the times square studio to undergo a bone marrow transplant. >> my big sister is a virtually perfect match and she is going to be my donor. >> battling the disease doctor say was likely brought on my chemo for breast cancer in 2007. >> i have month regrets whatever that treatment saved my life. >> living with no regrets encouraging thousands to
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register as bone marrow donors. >> she inspired so many including her "good morning america" family. >> she taught us all not to live in fear and she dealt with the ultimate fire and dealt with it with such grace and such remarkable strength, the strongest person i know. >> a strong, healthy, robin roberts back in the anchor chair, back where she belongs. >> a lot excitement here in times square and we are hearing a bunch of surprises in store for robin. you will have to tune in to see. we are live in times square for abc7 news. >> we all know how well loved robin is and she has been a pillar of strength. what kind of love did the fans show? >> they started showing up very early this morning, holding signs, bringing balloons, and a little while ago robin came out
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to say hello to everyone and the crowd went wild. >> no surprise there. that is robin. thank you very much. we look forward, of course, to "good morning america" at 7:00 here on the west coast. secretary of state, john kerry, will bypass israel on the first trip to the middle east. officials have announced the first trip as america's top diplomat. he will focus on the conflicts in syria and afghanistan and mali and will not travel to israel or the palestinian territories until spring when he accompanies president obama to the area. >> more provocative moves from north korea a video shows president obama and american troops in flames and says that north conducted their recent nuclear test because of u.s. hostility. the video was posted on an account affiliated with the north korean government agency showing a blazing fire super imposed over footage of president obama and ends with a
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simulation of a nuclear device exploding underground. another video posted this month showed american cities attacked by missiles after a string of rhetoric against the united states. >> san francisco will be well represented when the new american version of al-jazeera hits the air with a bureau and san francisco and other united states cities. they paid $500 million to buy san francisco's-based current tv last year and convert to al-jazeera america focusing on international news. >> and al gore was the founder of country tv. >> now the weather forecast. >> a cold lock -- look at the weather. we are talking about temperatures that are running in the 30's, 40's, and colder and
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20's. live doppler 7 hd shows nothing but dry air this morning. now, the temperatures, we are running 41 in san francisco and oakland. check out san carlos at 39, 35 right new in san jose and livermore along with concord and 41 in novato but it is freezing in napa and sap -- santa rosa. today, we will have sunny conditions. it will be milder with temperatures from 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. mostly clear and cold again tonight. we will have frost inland and a slow warming trend this afternoon and tomorrow and friday afternoon. yesterday, while we were sleeping, the wet weather slid to southern california. this next system up here is going to slide inside and the storm track now will move over washington, oregon, nevada,
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idaho, utah, and bypass us. we will have the cold air for at least a couple of days during the overnight hours. if you have been protecting the pets and plants you may have to do it tonight and tomorrow. now, this afternoon, it will be mostly sunny and we will have a few puffy clouds. up the peninsula, our warm spot is redwood city at 60 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's with 54 today at half moon bay and 56 in daly city and south san francisco and downtown san francisco 57 this afternoon and in the upper 50's through low 60's through the north bay valley and upper 50's in the east bay shore with 57 in oakland and inland headed over to the east bay valleys and 57 is the cool spot and 60 in pittsburg and antioch and livermore. the accweather seven-day outlook shows after tonight's freezing temperatures inland, our seven-day outlook show temperatures in the low-to-mid
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60's away from the beaches and a slight chance of a shower on saturday but nothing to change plans over. sue? >> at look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays here moving westbound on the upper deck, very light conditions, to the south bay, south of gilroy, north 101, an accident was blocking both lanes and now the emergency crews have that cleared so one lane is getting by until they get the tow trucks out. westbound 580 before north flynn, an accident on the right shoulder slowing things as you move up and over the altamont pass, and mount hamilton road is closed because of snow and ice. kristen and eric? >> still getting hit. >> i like this next story. >> news from the postal service. >> new rules for car shopping what some dealers want from you before your next test drive the. >> today our show is about medical mistakes that happen
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>> welcome back. and now there is a new ad for mustard to make a commercial come back during the oscars. >> would you have any gray poupon. >> the 16-year-old ad so now they will have a new ad worthy of a bond movie that is relying
5:21 am
on footage that has been lost from the original shooting. >> the academy awards are sunday and abc7 is the only place to watch it with the live coverage going at 2:00 p.m., and you can count down to the big night with a back same pass feature with a dozen cameras streaming video behind-the-scenes and from the red carpet and the oscars app is available for iphone, ipad, droid, and the kindle fire. >> i checked this script twice this is actually what it says. the postal service is getting more fashionable. and the ail industry businessing for another big winter storm. jane king has the business report. >> mother nature hitting the country with another winter storm, the rocky mountain states and the midwest. delta is waving fees for customer whose need to change travel plans starting today until the 22nd, frontier is offering travelers flexibility because of the storm for flights into and out of the midwest big travel hundreds like chicago and
5:22 am
minneapolis. it is official: this morning, office depot will buy office max to be a stronger competitor to staples. we will watch those shares in today's session and you think of the postal service you may not consider the uniforms fashion forward but they will launch a new line under the brand name "rain, heat and snow," and the focus is to produce items using technology to create wearable heck -- electronics. that is the business report. >> on wednesday, time for live doppler 7 hd which is active to the south headed through the grape vine, there is a lot of snow so call ahead in the higher elevations. when you get there it will have ended with 56 in san diego and 63 in los angeles. the snow is over in tahoe and 39
5:23 am
degrees but be careful getting up there. we will have mostly sunny conditions in the central valley and 60 in sacramento and 62 in fresno. >> no chain requirements for 80, but, still, some chain requirementsmentsments for 50 tg so we will follow that. san rafael, southbound 101, beyond lucas valley road toward the parkway moving at the limit from novato with no delays and you may fine delays if you are traveling from the south bay toward gilroy north 101 an accident still blocking a lane of traffic and westbound 580 before north flynn an accident on the shoulder. >> gas prices have shot up so fast an auto dealer has taken a drastic step to cover the cost, requiring customers to be prequalified if a purchase before they can do a test drive and test drivers have to bring the car back with as much gas as they left with more than 70 cars on the lot, they can save
5:24 am
thousands. >> check out this video, a university in canada offering to cover a tuition if they make a shot from half court, and the students elected the basketball coach to take it and he made a smart choice because he sank it, and nothing but net and the video has gone viral and that is the way to earn a scholarship, baby slam. >> fantastic. mental skills. you have to pick the right person to take your shot. >> we follow breaking news from san francisco's north beach an overnight water main break floods multiple blocks and will impact the morning commuters. >> woman walking dog is hit and killed by not one car but two cars in the not bay.
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>> abc7 news starts right now. >> wednesday, 5:28. thanks for joining us for the breaking news. >> more now on the water main break that is affecting muni and residents in the area around mason. >> amy has the very latest information on how crews are doing. amy? >> kristen they are making progress shutting off the water is the flooding in the street is over. they figured out what broke and are dealing with how they will fix it. look how powerful the break was, you can see where the sidewalk buckles here, one of many issues they will have to deal with out
5:28 am
here. they say they will be here for most of the day. check out earlier, it was quite a flood after 2:00 this morning, and some residents, two blocks worth of people, say they didn't have any water. officials say they should have their water back on new, they have been able to address that at this time, but, dealing with the situation out here on the street is going to take a bit longer. >> most of the day, i would say, we will wait to locate the main break and when we find that we can repair it and get to it. >> we have to see how bad the break is, first. >> this is on the cable car line, the mason cable car will not run through here today and they will provide a bus bridge around it. one issue that complicates this fix, look at this: look at all the cars. they are in the way. they have to figure out who owns the car, where the people live,
5:29 am
they will try to knock on the door so they can move them and if not they have to tow them. this is one of many factors. they have figured out it was a 12" main that broke. that is progress. they have to bring in the heavy equipment and move the cars and dig down there and fix it. >> thank you very much, amy. the water in san francisco is not going to freeze over but in the higher elevations, that would have been a different story. now mike has the forecast. >> that could have been dangerous. sue has been talking about road closures because of the snow that fell yesterday and a lot of people trying to get up there today and play in the snow and also on diabolo. it is dry out there. and much colder this morning. you can see the last three hours, absolutely an influx of dry and cold canadian/alaskan air with freezing conditions inland.
5:30 am
no rain yesterday but drops of water were frozen on my car this morning. by this afternoon we will be around 54 to 60. grab a heavy coat this evening because it will be in the low 40's. >> the golden gate bridge is cleared and a good drive into san francisco with four lanes from marin county. everyone is on time with bart and muni but the powell-mason cable car is shut down with bus transportation instead. >> dozens of energy companies do not have power in san rafael. at the height, 20,000 lost power at 6:00 after a car crash into a pole and sever a main lane. it is estimated the remaining 66 customers will have thai power
5:31 am
restored by 7:30 this morning. right now, there are two other unrelated outages in the east bay, two outages in bay point affecting 351 discuss informs, and in san francisco, 148 people without power due to two out aims with in word on when power in the cases will be restored. >> in sonoma the c.h.p. is investigating the crash of a woman would was looking for her dog. according to the santa rosa press democrat a 46-year-old woman was hit on west avenue in the rose land neighborhood at 8:00, and after she was hit the first time, a second driver hit her, both are cooperating with police. several witnesses toll the investigators the cars seemed to have been driving at normal speed and did not have enough time to stop. >> in hayward, game over for internet cafes where customers can gamble online for real cash. a city council voted unanimously last night in fair of an emergency 45-day moratorium on
5:32 am
any new cafes in the city. the cafes sell internet time and offer access to games offering cash prizes. right now the city has two of the cafes, and the moratorium blocks any new cafes not officials can consider revising zoning regulations. early this more this issued a cease and deit is order. >> health alert in petaluma after a high school student there was hospitalized with meningitis. sonoma officials say the 17-year-old went to the hospital with the highly contagious disease and the president almost high school student is in serious condition but improving^. the school sent a warning to parents late yesterday and family and friends who come into contact with the teenage are taking antibiotics. if untreated meningitis is deadly 50 percent of the time. >> president obama made overtures to republicans on immigration reform with phone calls to three key senators calling john mccain, lindsay
5:33 am
graham, and marco rubio last night after rubio called the white house immigration plan "half baked and seriously flawed." rubio took the president's call while in jerusalem and the florida republican seas he told the president he feels gadabout the ongoing negotiations in the senate and dan ashley is the only pay area journalist to interview president obama today at the white house and reports leave from washington, dc, airing tonight on abc7 news. >> the bail hearing for blade rounder, objection objection, has been post phoned until tomorrow when we can lend if he stays behind bars while awaiting trial on a charge of premeditated murder. police say oscar pistorius should not get bail. the defense maintains the shooting was an accident and oscar pistorius thought his girlfriend was an intruder. oscar pistorius said he was outside on the ball contain --
5:34 am
balcony and heard noises and thought there was a burglar and fired. the position says he killed reeva steenkamp from inside the bathroom. witnesses heard talking and nonstop fighting for appear hour before the shooting. authorities using dogs to search in the rubble of a massive explosion and fire in kansas city. several people are still missing this morning after the dinner time blast in a popular entertainment district. the explosion flattened a crowded restaurant and 14 people were hurt and several critically. the fire burned for an hour and they believe the explosion was caused by a contractor doing underground work near a that will gas line. >> this morning, the white house is expected to lay out more aggressive steps to take in response to increasing cyber attacks. the united states has evidence of a campaign of cyber stealing linked to the chinese government. china denies the allegation. the report says the united states is considering fines and other trade actions against any
5:35 am
country guilty of cyber espionage. a security firm says the attacks have compromised more than 140 companies across the united states. >> apple says there have been hit by the largest hacking attack with some employees visiting a website that installed malware that splitted the software to get in the system. apple says there is no evidence any data was taken. face book report add similar security breach on friday. apple thinks this originated in eastern european. >> one of the measures used to determine how cold it is the mike nicco's car thermometer. >> it was 29 this morning. >> ouch slam. >> so i had frozen rain on my car this morning and i can see them momenting and sliding off we as i was drive down the highway. >> now at look at the
5:36 am
temperatures compared to 24 hours ago or here is a look at the change. napa and concord 10 to 12 degrees colder and four degrees colder in san bruno and nine in santa rosa. freezing in american canyon at 30, and we are close to freezing in walnut creek at 33. union city is 36. saratoga, close to freezing at 33 and palo alto at 34 degrees. today we are in the mid-50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us or upper 60's, and tomorrow and friday we are in the low-to-mid 60's and the bay and inland we stay in the 50's at the coast and slight chance of a shower, very slight chance on saturday. >> let's go to walnut creek as we look at southbound 680 making the turn beyond north bay to highway 24 it is moving nicely and continuing nice all the way to the 580 dublin/pleasanton
5:37 am
interchange south on 680. if you expect someone from south bay north 101, there was an early accident in the clearing stages and a lane getting by and it should be cleared. early accident westbound 580 at north flynn, that is gone but there is slowing from the central valley. >> she is the east bay mom arrested, again, after originally serving time for having sex with underage boys. the hummer mom has had another brush with law. >> going to giants game will get more expensive for some fans and what you will want to know before driving to the
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:42. happening now, arson investigators are on the scene of a fire in daly city happening near 91st street. someone set a couch on fire and 50 people were evacuated to city hall to get out of the cold. they are back inside now but for the residents of one unit which was damaged. the fire broke out shortly before 3:30 this morning. >> livermore mom who became known as hummer mom is back in
5:41 am
jail if violating parole days afterening released from prison. the 44-year-old christine hubbs finished a two year and nine month jail sentence if having sex with two, 14-year-old boys. the teens were freeways -- friends of her daughter. last friday she was arrested for having porn in her home. livermore police are investigating whether she was behind a case of cyberbullying on facebook and twitter. detectives say it involved criminal threats against one of her victims by hubbs' two children made hours after she was arrested. >> he is scared. nervous. he is afraid. he doesn't know what is real and what is not and are people talking, or do i really need to be worried about myself. >> she is held in jail waiting for a hearing that could give her a maximum of 90 more days in custody. >> police are looking for a bank
5:42 am
robber who could be responsible for holdups inside popular supermarkets. the latest happened inside safeway in novato. a man if a black hoodie gave the teller a demand note and ran off with the cash. at least two other banks have been hit recently, u.s. bank is now offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> san jose police are cracking down on prostitution in the city's worst area if -- for human trafficking and rescued a 16-year-old girl from a life on the streets. the officers went undercover twice last week an area then for prostitution. it is around the corner from an elementary school and in front of a library. one sting busted johns and the other targeted prostitutes. 14 johns and prostitutes were detained. >> we locate add 16-year-old who has been prostituting and in the
5:43 am
interview she told the officers she was doing that since she was 11. >> the girl was a runaway from the east bay who wound up on the streets. since the stings, the prostitutes and johns is disappeared. >> giants fans you may want to hit the a.t.m. before the next game with rates for parking meters going up starting march 4, the hours are extended until 10:00 mondays through saturdays around the ball park and game days the rates increase to $7 an hour! nonevent days they go up quarter an hour between 6:00 and 10:00. the first increase is the world baseball classic starting march 17. >> use caltrain. >> n some areas still have pat of the winter storm including the santa cruz mountains on
5:44 am
highway nine. last night the kids made snowman or two and had snowball fights as it turns to mud. the snow was seen on north bay and east bay hills and mount hamilton. >> does it remain? >> it is causing driving problems? >> yes, sue talked about the road up to the observatory and it is closed. >> they call it the "closed" road. >> and the road is closed at sunset for mount diabolo. now, it is plenty cold this morning with cold air draining which is why my house is colder than everyone else, i live in a valley near mount diabolo. live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is. in need for the umbrella.
5:45 am
yesterday, we had a beautiful picture at 2:30 yesterday and i posted one on my twitter account if you check it out. i will add a few more to facebook. just gorgeous. the friend just suddenly towns white. other parts of the country are brown and white and we are friend and white. look at the dancing lights on the bay bridge, that is a cool sight but we have to talk temperatures running in the let to mid-40's, novato and san jose and oakland and san francisco and santa cruz at 33 and livermore at 35 the as we head to the afternoon hours, notice how bright and sunny it will be, a few clouds, mostly sunny, and mild are by six to 12 degrees warmer and mostly clear tonight with frost inland and slow warming trend for wednesday and thursday and friday, and the low down to the south you can see the grapevine it is snowing
5:46 am
there and snowing in the higher elevations around los angeles. so, be careful if you are headed down this way. as far as temperatures today, mid-50's at the coast and we will have upper 50's to near 60 and freezing cold inland and a few 30's to near 40 around the bay shore and to the coast under another clear night. saturday, a storm system slides to the east of us and it will put an increase in clouds and a slight chance of a shower and sunshine and warm are weather if sunday, monday, and tuesday. sue? >> going to the san mateo bridge a live look at the flat section moving toward foster city, some sort of police activity on right hand shoulder and traffic is getting by fine but don't know if it is a car driver getting pulled over we don't have reports of problems there. and the antioch area we are now seeing some slowing and out of antioch, westbounds on highway four, it picks up reaching pittsburg and into concord and
5:47 am
mount hamilton road is closed to the observatory because of snow and ice on the ground. >> this morning the bay area and southern california are thawing out from the winter storm. jimmy kimmel has more. >> the cold weather is due to a big kin step storm that moved into california and moving across the country and it is called "winter storm q" which is not a mate but a letter. what if it was named "p." >> he airs weeknights at 11:25 at new time following abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline." >> vice president biden game a blunt answer to a question on gun control. listen to why he says americans don't need semi-automatic weapons for protection. >> you don't need an ar15. it is harder to aim. it is harder to use.
5:48 am
in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> he says he toll his wife if there is a problem to grab a 12-gauge shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house during a facebook townhall hosted by "parents" magazine. >> bay area school is beating every other school in the nation in one area. >> the bay area community that is saying no way to new bars in their community.
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>> walnut creek police are saying "no" to new bits who want full liquor listens following an increase in violence outside downtown nightclubs. the latest problem happens sunday about 2:00 a.m. when police had to break up a fight downtown. police say aggravated assaults and d.w.i.'s are up over previous years and restaurant owners we talked to say it is not the solution. the alcohol beverage commission determined the city saturated with permits 15 years ago and
5:52 am
right now 170 businesses have full liquor licenses. >> stanford university has hit a new record in fundraising, it is the first university to raise $1 billion in a single year. the council shows that stanford collected over $1 billion followed by harvard with $650 million, and jill at $544 million. berkeley is tops among public universities with $405 million. most of the money goes to research, construction, and financial aid. berkeley has to step up fundraising in light of state funding cuts. >> congratulations, you guys, your fundraising departments are doing well. >> now, how well is the weather? mike? >> we have a live picture from san jose this morning, 87 near the shark tank, we will talk to sue about traffic but the sky is clear this morning.
5:53 am
our temperatures are going up from eight degrees in from time to time and oakland and nine in san francisco and san jose and concord and santa rosa, ten to 13 degrees warmer. showers will be ending by the time you get to grapevine and 63 in los angeles with clouds in tahoe and 39. 61 in sacramento. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows no metering lights and traffic is smooth. we have first reports of a stall at treasure island blocking a lane at the off-ramp of treasure island a very minor delay if folks paying cash. new accident reports southbound 87 on the approach to 280 blocking the connection there with injuries reported and we will check back with that. brand new from the c.h.p., northbound 880 at oak, an accident there blocking a lane. kristen and eric? >> state officials in the fishing industry hope the big come back in the salmon population continues into the
5:54 am
year. the salmon season in 2012 was the best in a decade. 2006 was the last time fishermen landed this many salmon. in the bay area the numbers of salmon spawned in the river were the most since 2006. salmon stock declined so steeply in the period from 2007 through 2011 that fishing season was cancel twice. >> there is a link define what you eat and acne. a study finds that certain foods could cause more pimples especially dairy and carbohydrates that raise blood sugar contradicting the wisdom there is no link between food and acne. more than 17 million americans suffer from the skin disease which leads to social withdrawal, anxiety and depression. amen with beards could be healthier. brian wilson was all about the beard and a study says facial
5:55 am
hair protects against the sun but it also slows down aging according to researchers it stops water from leaving the skin keeping it fills with moisture. thick birds raise the -- thick beards raise the temperature of the neck and battles colds. >> next at 6:00, a broken water main and flooded streets. breaking news we are will forking in san francisco, ahead the impact the mess is having on the commuters. >> and california residents have thoughts about president obama after the re-election. ♪ yeeeowwww!
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♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪
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♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good wednesday morning. it is 5:59. i am kristen sze. first up a check on the weather. chilly out there. but the lits are beautiful on the bay bridge. >> let's check with mike. >> i will take some pictures for facebook and possibly twitter, too, if we can get the video. what you want to see if you are driving around yesterday in the rain, and the commute was worse than it should be, in worries today. we are dry and under clear, cold air. in fact, temperatures erupting freezing in a lot of areas inland and we are close around the bay in the mid-30's to low 40's through 7:00 and in the mid-to-upper 50's during lunch and in the afternoon and cool back to 52 degrees around the bay by 7:00. the clouds will quickly fade
5:59 am
when the sunsets. inland valleys we are in the 20 and let to mid-30's elsewhere and not as chilly at noon and brighter and at 4:00 we are around 58. have the heavy coat, temperatures are falling quickly, and from 4:00 to can we drop ten degrees and in the 30's later in the evening hours. sue? >> we go to san jose and the department looks like it is serious, southbound 87 the ramp to northbound 280 the ramp is blocked calling for two not bed tow trucks so the cars are not driveable and badly damaged. we will follow this. the alternate is 101 or highway 85 to 17 at this point. again, southbound, 87 the ramp to north 280 and oakland 880 that is blocking the right lane. kristen and eric. >> in san francisco, repairs are lands after a

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